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Exhibitions, 2014 in NYC and in Venice  


There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on June 5th, 2014 both in NYC (The Cooper Union) and in Venice (Church of San Lio).

- The exhibit will formally open in NYC on June 16th, 2014 and in Venice on June the 5th, 2014.

- The date of the end of the exhibit in USA is the 29th of June and in Italy is the 14th of July.


• Torcello Island, Venice Lagoon - Italy

Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta 

Piazza of Torcello

30012, Torcello



• The Cooper Union, New York - USA

The Cooper Union

The New Academic Building 

Room 504, 5th Floor 

41 Cooper Square

New York, NY 10003


• Church of San Lio, Venice - Italy

Sestiere of Castello

Campo of San Lio, near Rialto

30122, Venice


The exhibit will occur across multiple spaces: along with the Church of San Lio in Venice, there will be a site at The Cooper Union in New York City. Designed as a participatory exhibition, live feeds will connect the installations at all sites; video from New York City will be shown live in Venice, and live video from Torcello will be shown in New York City, directly engaging the source of the exhibition material. Thanks to these live feeds, people across the ocean will be able to interact virtually, congregating together, despite being many kilometers apart. Physical reproductions of architectural elements from Torcello, projections of light, point-cloud data and photographic imagery, and interactive software will engage the viewers, facilitating a contemporary experience of Torcello across time and space.

© Milestone Architecture PLLC

© Deborah A Garwood 2014

© Deborah A Garwood 2014

The Cooper Union


Visitors in New York will have the opportunity to access a site of valuable cultural heritage, located halfway across the world.

© Milestone Architecture PLLC

© Deborah A Garwood 2014

© Deborah A Garwood 2014

Church of San Lio


In Italy, the exhibition will take place in the Church of San Lio, located near the Ponte Rialto.

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Logo-Line: "New York (at left) - Torcello (center) - Venice (at right)" © Paola Barcarolo and Martina Gennari

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